Simple Bridle, Tailor Made

A simple bridle design, tailor made to your horse, reminiscent of examples seen throughout history. What it lacks in "flair" it makes up for in its simplistic beauty, letting the leather take front stage. A headstall with separate throat lash, held together with a browband. A clean design with stitching detail on the browband, and not a buckle in sight. Available in natural undyed or a medium brown dye.

Additional Details

Additional Details

This is a tailor made bridle for your horse, please don't forget to send me your measurements for the perfect fit!

For a perfectly fitted bridle, please take careful measurements of your horse's head using a cloth tape measure. For the halter measurement you should measure from the hanger of your horse's bit, over the top of their head behind the ears to the other side to the bit hanger. If you are unable to measure to the hanger of their bit, measure from and to the corner of their mouth and state what style of bit you are using with this bridle - ie, snaffle, curb. For the brow measurement you should measure across the forehead of your horse from just behind their ears. For the throat measurement pull the cloth tape snug (not tight) around the throat area at the highest point (at the very top of the cheek, wrapping the tape measure up and around to behind the ears. Where possible please provide these measurements in inches to the closest quarter inch.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require help or have questions!



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About Sully Leather

I am a historical rider that has turned to leatherwork to make tack that is fit for purpose for my horses and activities. Many of my designs are based upon examples seen in medieval manuscripts (mostly 15thC equine harness). All my bridles are tailor made to the specifications of your horse so there is no fussing with getting it to fit between holes, and having to deal with all that extra leather flapping around your horse's head.

Occasionally I make leather items that are not to do with horses...

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