To sell with us on Small Market please complete the application form below. Once we've set you up with your Small Market account you can start to add in your handmade products. All seller applications and product entries will be reviewed by our team before you’ll be able to make your products live.

Before you start your registration please make sure you’ve read through the product checklist to review the terms and conditions - these are pretty straightforward, but it’s important that you make sure your products will be allowed on the site.

  • Your products must be handmade - not pre-made or pre-bought i.e. not existing jewellery charms or assembled hampers of bought items.
  • We don't currently have support for digital only delivery.
  • If you plan to list items using film or character references you'll need to have appropriate licenses.
  • You must have relevant health and safety certs or insurance for edible or skin care submissions.

We welcome all applications, but acceptance is based on meeting the above criteria and on the approval of our team. Your product listings will be your own responsibility but each listing will require approval before being published on the site.

Asterix (*) denotes a required field, but please fill in as many of the fields as you can as this will help with your application.

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