Order Related Question

All sellers are responsible for dealing with every aspect of fulfilling the order, if you have any questions about an ordered item please contact the seller. The seller's contact details are included with every order email. Small Market does not stock or deal with delivery. If you require more details about delivery please visit the sellers delivery policy.

Product Question

If you have a question about a product the contact details are available on a sellers page and you can contact them directly. We are unable to answer questions about individual products.

The Small Market website and sellers portal is designed to fulfil the needs of our makers, allowing them to run their business independently. This gives us the flexibility to carry on improving our services to both the buyers and small independent sellers.

We are here to help with any of the following topics:

  • Technical issues with our marketplace or sellers portal
  • Request an improvement or change to the sellers portal or marketplace
  • Having difficulty with getting in touch with a seller on our site
  • You want to know more about Small Market

Please use the contact form and we will try to deal with your response as quickly as we can.

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