Cute Little Rubber Duck Stud Earrings

Handmade from scratch using polymer clay, these fun, cute little rubber duck studs have silver plated findings and silicone stops. Perfect ear-candy to add sunshine to your day!

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Free delivery to United Kingdom
Additional Details

Additional Details

Please note that as these cute little rubber duck stud earrings are individually handmade, you may receive a product that is very slightly different to the one in the picture- different wing placement for example. I try to make them identical but (fortunately) I’m not a factory machine!

I can make a custom design of an animal for you… do you have a favourite? Get in touch and I will suggest a design. You will see a photo of the finished pair before you commit to buying them.

I take the earrings off the card to send and wrap them securely in bubble wrap so they arrive safely- you will have the option to put them back on the card if they are to be a gift.



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About Ear Candy

I love making things! (except cakes. I’m a terrible baker). It’s my happy place. I design and make cute, fun and colourful earrings that have hypoallergenic findings (sore ears are the worst) and my greatest successes are when my 18-year-old says to me “ooo can I have those ones?” I have made bespoke designs too so get in touch if you want your fave animal, food, or a design in a different colour.

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