De-stress- Essential Oil Roller 10ml

De-stress- Essential Oil Roller 10ml

This natural aromatherapy blend of Geranium, Bergamot, Frankincense, Vetiver, Orange and Benzoin essential oils help to create a peaceful yet invigorating environment.

Promote a relaxed state of mind, reduce tension and soothe away stress with DE-STRESS.

This handy roller is for keeping in your pocket or handbag and is on standby when you need it.

This soothing aromatic blend has been carefully formulated with high frequency oils to work closely together to calm, ground and relax the mind-body-spirit complex.

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Additional Details

Additional Details

Featuring Oils: Geranium, Bergamot, Orange, Frankincense, Vetiver, Benzoin

Geranium: Menopause symptoms, soreness, fatigue

Bergamot: antidepressant, brings balance, joy & motivation, improves blood circulation, improves concentration, relieves emotional imbalances, alleviates stress

Frankincense: helps mental fatigue, reduces stress, relives tension, helps clarity to communicate.

Vetiver: help with skin problems, microbial infections, antioxidant.

Orange: nervous anxiety, internal spasms, insomnia, depression, tension

Benzoin: alleviates rheumatism, reduces arthritis, sooth digestion, aids flatulence

Carrier Oil: Fractionated Organic Coconut

Oil Size: 10ml

About me

I am a soul-driven small business here in the UK where my mission is to make you feel great. All my blends are designed with a purpose. Whether it be to heal, delight or relax – I know you’ll love them.

I use only the purest, expertly blended botanical ingredients, from the earth to you.

Crafted with knowledge, care, and enjoyment.

I want you to have the best experience, that's why I carefully craft batches in small quantities. Handmade and hand poured.

BIRKBECK cares for the planet and strives to maintain a carbon-neutral experience for all. With each purchase from the store, a portion of the proceeds go towards planting trees to care for not only the planet but our future too.

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If you are unhappy with our product, I offer a hassle-free returns and refund.

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About House of Birkbeck

WELCOME TO BIRKBECK We are a small soul-driven Apothecary from Buckinghamshire where our mission is to make you feel great. All our blends are designed with a purpose. Whether it be to heal, delight or relax. We use only the finest, purest ingredients for our candles, bath salts, essential body oils from the earth, ethically sourced and made in small fresh batches for quality to keep you and your family safe. We hope you love what we do.

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