Fireside is made using a hand dyed skein of wool yarn in the warp that is carefully positioned so that it looks like the warp was hand painted to create a flame effect.

I’ve combined it with asymmetrical stripes on either side and used a lovely soft cashmere for the weft.

It’s super soft, drapes beautifully and is long enough to keep you as cosy as it looks.

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Additional Details

Additional Details

Fireside measures 178cm x 28 cm plus fringes

To create the warp for this type of weave each warp thread is carefully arranged so that the colours line up and pool just how you want them to. It’s a long process but so worth while when it comes out as well as this one did. Cashmere for the weft was the obvious choice to finish off this completely unique luxurious scarf.

I recommend a gentle hand wash in warm water and dry outside

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About Five Turrets Handwoven

I live in Selkirk in the Scottish Borders and started weaving in 2015 when I got my first four shaft Ashford table loom. I love all things fibre but I’m truly hooked on weaving. I'm lucky enough to have my own home weaving studio to house my ever growing collection of looms.

I hope you like what you see in my shop. I make handwoven scarves, blankets and homeware. My craft is all about waste reduction and sustainability. Weaving is essentially interlocking warp and weft and my passion is to do that by combining unloved and surplus materials into one of a kind beautiful and useful cloth creations. Most of the yarns I use are Scrap Store or charity shop finds, mill ends and surplus stock. If I buy new, the emphasis is always on ethical production and from local spinners and dyers.

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