Lightbulbs Pointillism Art Print

Traditional pointillism print of lightbulbs, three of which have different scenery(mountains, sea, space) and the last one blank. Every one of my drawings is thought of, traditionally drawn, edited, and printed by myself to you! My art style consists of drawing many dots to make up one image together, here I have created four lightbulbs each holding within them something different,

Additional Details

Additional Details

Lightbulbs pointillism art print

Traditional pointillism print of a drawing of four lightbulbs with different scenery and one blank one.

All art prints are hand-drawn originally then printed on a high-quality White Matte Paper using high-quality inks by myself. This means that every detail and dot in this drawing is picked up precisely without any blur or smudges. This black and white print is a perfect addition to your home framed or unframed.

Further detail:

- Each print is hand-signed (signature placement and signature may vary)

- Fast & Free delivery

- Each print is packaged in a cardboard envelope to ensure that the product is not damaged during the delivery process

-Frame not included

Size chart

- A5: 14.8 x 21.0 cm

- A4: 21.0 x 29.7 cm

Want to see what's coming soon? Check out my Instagram for updates and listings that will be available in the near future!

About Seller

About Deslignes.Despoints

Hi there! I sell original pointillism art prints which I draw by hand, edit, print, and package just for you! My art has a very unique style and although there may be a line or two here and there, most of them are completely made up of dots. I offer two different sizes, A5 and A4 but plan on extending to A3 as well. The paper I print on is thicker than regular paper making it more durable for my prints. The printer I use also ensures that every single dot is perfectly placed.

The inspiration for my art often comes from my mental health struggles which give it a lot more meaning if you look into it. Because of this, the profit made by some of my pieces will go into donating to "Mind", a charity and organisation focused on mental health support and knowledge.

I hope you enjoy what you see and would like to support my small business.

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