Meet the Maker - Delish Adventures

Written by Stella Chung

April 26th, 2021
Meet the Maker - Delish Adventures

Delish Adventures is the small business of Stella, who makes some homemade natural body scrubs. She's a big advocate of having a healthy relationship with food and beauty, so when she's not busy making these great products she regularly posts new recipes on her website.

We asked her a few questions to find out more about this lovely small business.


Business Name: Delish Adventures

Makers name: Stella Chung

Favourite Product: Brightening Easter Love – Lemon sugar scrub cube

Brightening Easter Love Scrub Image

My story

Hello there! I'm Stella, a food and beauty addict currently living in the United Kingdom. I have always been interested in food and having been away at boarding school since I was 18 years old, cooking was one of the things that helped me bond with my peers. Despite all the fun and joy in meeting new friends and moving to another country, I was experiencing intense peer pressure of having the 'ideal' body type and my eczema didn't help either. I was constantly thinking about how much food I should or shouldn't eat, what type of food I can and cannot eat, and the different diets to lose weight quickly. Eventually, I got so scared of eating that I would drink at least 2 cups of water before every meal to stop myself from eating 'too much'. With that, my skin condition just got worse, and I was developing extreme insomnia that I was sleeping for only 2 hours everyday. So, I decided to turn to cooking and Delish Adventures was created to share simple yet delicious recipes that are nutritious and visually appealing. In addition, my homemade body scrubs hope to provide everyone with smoother and silkier skin. Join me on my journey towards a healthier and happier relationship with food and beauty!

 Stella from Delish Adventures

When did you start crafting?

I started crafting when I was pretty young, I remember knitting my first-ever scarf for my dad’s birthday present. Even though the scarf could barely reach around his neck, he still wore it every single day. From that day onwards, I would do mini-DIY projects once in a while, from knitting beanies to crocheting small shoulder bags. My most recent venture into making my own body scrubs has been an amazing journey, where I get to discover new fragrances and natural ingredients to work with. I hope to show everyone the incredible benefits of my body scrubs and would love to have everyone’s support!

 Rekindling Easter Fun Scrub

Tell us about your journey to here with your small business

Starting my small business was definitely not easy but the continuous support that I was getting from my friends and new followers pushed me to continue to strive for my passion. Balancing my schoolwork with my small business didn’t make it easier either, but I was willing to make it work. I would spend every single Sunday prepping for my small business in order for me to focus on my studies during the week. I hope to expand my small business one day and include my other DIY projects!

 Lemon Scrub Inside Image

What do you like to do outside of crafting?

As mentioned, outside of crafting, I am a huge foodie! I enjoy cooking, baking, and coming up with my own recipes. I share new recipes every Monday and Friday on my website and it would be great if you guys can check them out!

I like to exercise and go on walks as well, and despite having to stay at home due to the pandemic, I am grateful that I am able to go out into my garden when the sun is shining and have some me-time.

 Easter Scrub Image

And why are you selling on Small Market?

Small Market has been a super supportive platform, and even though I am a new seller, the amount of support that I am receiving from the owners has been tremendous. It’s a great opportunity to find other small businesses as well! Join me on my small business journey and let’s help each other out!


We absolutely love Stella's products, and can't wait to see more of her amazing creations as her small business grows. Keep an eye on her Small Market shop, and give these natural products a go.

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