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Created by Natércia Lino
In East london
Small Market seller since Mar 2023

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About Natercia

Small brand made by women for women. I was inspired by the dance called Ussua from São Tomé and Príncipe country. I really liked that particular dance and the simple way of women dressing. I'm very proud to be a woman, and I admire my mother's effort, the difficulties my grandparents went through. This small brand really values and empowers women. Some pieces I've done are named after a real woman, women who somehow have meaning to me, women who had impact on my life.

A bit about where your lovely purchases are coming from

I create my products at the comfort of my house. Sometimes in my bedroom, other times in my living room.

And what about the crafting talent behind these great products

The most important process involving create any of my items, is “inspiration”, who and what inspired me to create an item.

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Here are just a few gift creations from Natercia, click on an image or visit the product page to find out more.


We're happy to do commissions, so if there's anything you'd like to ask please get in touch.

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