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Created by Gaynor Chisholm
In Wiltshire
Small Market seller since Feb 2021

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Items and gifts for the home and countryside loving people, all items are made from country inspired fabrics, prints that depict the wonderful English countryside and much more. Made in a small home studio in the heart of Wiltshire.

How did MADE at CLUARAN get started?

My daughter wanted a message board to put her horse photos and rosettes on display and having made her one I was asked by friends to make similar for gifts. Eventually I realised how much I enjoyed working with fabrics and how much I missed sewing, which I had done a lot of when I was younger making my own clothes and gifts, this escalated into making all sorts of items for the kitchen and home.

A bit about where your lovely purchases are coming from

I am lucky enough to have a home studio where I can lock myself away and sew to my hearts content. Being surrounded by the beautiful Wiltshire countryside I’m inspired by the seasonal changes and the animals that visit our local woods and hedgerows, it’s not uncommon to look out of my window and see a duck or pheasants in the garden, the odd Fox and horses riding by.

And what about the crafting talent behind these great products

Choosing the fabrics I want to work with is by far the most difficult part of the process, the options are so great and I could spend hours browsing through shops. I’m starting to look at independent designers and am very excited to start introducing new fabrics soon.

Anything else? This is our sellers chance to tell you a bit about themselves

MADE at CLUARAN came about in 2014 when I decided to combine my love of the countryside with my love of crafts. I'm lucky enough to have a home studio in the Wiltshire countryside where I'm inspired by what I see around me, the animals, colours, textures and seasons.

Sewing is my main passion and you will find lots of fabric items in my shop, that doesn't mean that the odd painting or sketch won't appear from time to time!

I hope you enjoy having a look through my shop.

Gaynor x

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Here are just a few gift creations from MADE at CLUARAN, click on an image or visit the product page to find out more.

1 Review

Cashmere Fingerless Mitts Grey Pink Trim
Beautiful soft mitts ❤️ I bought them for my daughter, she absolutely loves them .


I'm happy to do commissions, so if there's anything you'd like to ask please get in touch.

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