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Created by Joanna Hall
In Darlington
Small Market seller since May 2023

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I love what I do, making people smile is very important to me. Every item is made to order, so you can be assured that your item is made with you in mind, rather than a mass produced item that is made by someone that has made umpteen others of the same thing that day. I purchase the best materials I can for all items as I feel that the only way to achieve 100% satisfaction with each item is to put into it what into it what I would expect if I was purchasing it. 

How did Dreambrdry get started?

In 2012 I had to give up work after being diagnosed with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia. I found the days just dragged. Around the same time, my daughter was having frequent nightmares so I decided to have a go at making her a dream catcher. And the crafting bug bit. I researched for hours to find the best materials and started up my little business. I gradually built up my range of products, until February 2022, when I decided to take the plunge and purchase an embroidery machine as I was finding it difficult to make things constantly with my hands. In April, the same year, I decided to stop all non-embroidery items and Dreambrdry was 'born'. Working for myself gives me a sense of purpose that was taken away from me when I became too ill to work a 'normal' everyday job. I love knowing that my products are making people out there smile.

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Albeit having a 'crafting' mother, whilst growing up I didn't enjoy the numerous crafts we were 'made' to do. As I got older I 'dabbled' a bit with cross stitch and knitting, tried to master crochet, with no success, but these were just hobbies. I never imagined I would have my own business doing crafting full time. Over the past 11 years, I have learnt so much. Every day teaches me new and exciting things about myself, my techniques, my materials.

Living with chronic illnesses is a struggle. There are some days I can't even face getting dressed, but once I'm sat in front of my embroidery machine the world around me fades away, and I get into a zone that only fellow crafters can understand. As I switch my machine on I know that even if just one of the products I make that day makes someone smile, then my job is worth every broken needle, every snapped thread, and every hair I pull out (mainly grey ones haha).

My crafting path is a long road, and every step I take along it gives me more positivity, andmore love for the job I do.

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