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Traditional patterns with a modern twist
Created by Marie Griffiths
In Worcestershire
Small Market seller since Mar 2023

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About Colourful Cushions UK

I’ve always been encouraged to be creative and discovered that my creativity found its outlet in needlecrafts particularly needlepoint. William Morris he of the wallpaper, said “have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful” I endeavour to make my cushions both.

How did Colourful Cushions UK get started?

I started creating my cushions to give as gifts and then got a bit carried away and was producing more and more and was persuaded to offer them for sale. I love the idea that my cushions find new homes and give pleasure.

A bit about where your lovely purchases are coming from

I don’t have a separate workroom, so materials are stored in a bedroom and the cushion creating takes place in the Living room. Luckily my work is portable so I can take work in progress with me when I’m away from home.

And what about the crafting talent behind these great products

I usually start with ideas about the colours I want to use, taking inspiration from nature or with a particular style in mind. I begin with a blank canvas and work out the design and check that the colour combinations are working out. Some designs are complicated and need real concentration while others are simpler and are much quicker to complete.

Anything else? This is our sellers chance to tell you a bit about themselves

One of my parrots is fascinated by my wool yarn and will fly off with some if I’m not paying attention.

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