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Created by Shannen Cherry
In Gloucestershire
Small Market seller since Dec 2022
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I am currently busy making some new designs so the shop is a little sparce - watch this space!! :)

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About Cherry's Charm

Hi! My name's Shannen and I am the owner and sole creator behind Cherry's Charm. I sell handmade jewellery that is produced in slow, small batches and is beautifully lightweight yet durable. I have a wide range of sizes and styles to suit your preferences. All orders are packaged in eco-friendly glassine envelopes and shipped in cardboard boxes to keep your items safe. Cherry's Charm is my little love, and I create all my products with the utmost care. I hope you love them as much as I do!

How did Cherry's Charm get started?

I have always been a craft enthusiast and I began my journey in 2020 when my curiosity for polymer clay took over and I started making earrings. After many, MANY nights of trial and error, I have now curated a brand that I am so proud of and brings me so much joy.

Cherry's Charm started out as a hobby, and just something that I did for myself - but as it began to grow, and other people started to love what I made, I was convinced to share my designs with the world. Fast forward 2 years and now I love seeing my designs on my beautiful customers!

A bit about where your lovely purchases are coming from

I would love to have my own studio one day, but for now, Cherry's Charm is lovingly brought to you from the spare room of my home that I share with my partner and my beautiful dog. I can take over the house when it comes to preparing for product launches and market stalls, but they don't mind!

And what about the crafting talent behind these great products

I have been honing my craft for the last 2 years! There have been many failed attempts and trial & error moments in the Cherry's Charm journey, but it has resulted in high quality products that I am proud to produce and share with you! Each batch takes around 5-8 hours to fully complete and it is all done by hand. The entire process is very intricate and involves designing, conditioning, shaping, cutting and baking clay, then sanding, buffing, washing, drilling, assembling and packaging completed designs. I have learnt a lot along the way, and wouldn't change it for the world!

Anything else? This is our sellers chance to tell you a bit about themselves

Cherry's Charm is something that started out just for me, but is now shared amongst so many of you and I am so thankful! I will continue to learn and evolve and I hope that you will join me on that journey. Every sale warms my heart and it means so much to me, and my family. Especially my dog Archie - as each sale means more toys and treats for him!

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Here are just a few gift creations from Cherry's Charm, click on an image or visit the product page to find out more.

3 Reviews

Marbled Valentine's Collection
Lovely unusual earrings - so pleased
Blue Marble Collection
These are also fabulous
Periwinkle Mini Arch Patterned Earring
Lovely gift. Delivered quickly and beautiful packaging.

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