'Dà zhuàng Great Power' acrylic painting

'Dà zhuàng: Great Power' Acrylic painting on high quality art paper. This dynamic original acrylic painting by Rev Deb Connor is full of movement & Yang energy. Inspired by hexagram 34 of the I Ching; 'great power or great invigorating'. This unique wall art speaks of invigorated action blended with the contemplation of point of view and the steadfastness of being centred in all our actions. Painting is mounted within a square grey frame.

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Additional Details

Dà zhuàng: Great Power acrylic painting on high quality art paper is part of a series of artwork by Rev Deb Connor inspired by The I Ching (The book of changes). As a visual interpretation and expression of I Ching hexagram 34 dà zhuàng represents great power and great invigoration. The colours of red, white and blue blend together while at the same time remaining distinct, allowing the subtle emergence of burgundies and browns. This intriguing acrylic painting invites you to gaze into its subtleties and ponder the messages revealed in the I Ching. In particular this visual representation of the meaning of hexagram 34 dà zhuàng speaks to the resistance we find when exerting force and how power demonstrates a willingness to adapt and balance with being centred and firm. The greatest strength is the ability to overcome ourselves and our insecurities; this is the Power of the Great. All Rev Deb art comes with a booklet on how to use meditative artwork and where to place your art for maximum Feng Shui benefit. Mounted within a grey frame this artwork measures 13.5 inches by 13.5 inches 34cm by 34cm (approximately) including frame. Suitable for home or office, in particular any location where you wish to invigorate your power and energies. This abstract acrylic painting is square and can be hung in any of four orientations according to your own preference. This original artwork has been previously shown in a solo art exhibition 'Step into the Wisdom' by Rev Deb Connor; London, UK, June 2019.

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