Black, White And Grainy Print

This is an image that came about as a joke between a friend and myself, that you can always make a bad photo look good if you make it black, white and grainy. Whilst not necessarily true, it gave me the inspiration to actually photograph some black and white grains. It turned out so well, it remains one of my favourite pictures that I have ever taken.

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Additional Details

Additional Details

This print of "Black, White and Grainy" is 50m x 40cm (5:4 ratio) and is professionally printed on Ilford B/W paper (matte).

Frame not included. Custom sizes can be requested, please feel free to contact me and I will see how I can accommodate your request.

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Wonderful photographic prints, all taken by myself. I've researched and viewed samples of all kinds of paper, processes and have selected the best one for each individual print to show it at it's best.

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