Hand-painted Silk Scarf: Heart-chakra

Chakra Scarves: Heart-Chakra - size 114 x 28 cm

This chakra is located at the center of the chest. It promotes a general feeling of well-being and vibrant health as it’s associated with growth and renewal. When the Heart-Chakra is functioning well we feel a sense of empathy or connection with others and 'high consciousness' emotions such as compassion, kindness, and love.

Green is strongly associated with nature - the environment we evolved in. Studies show that spending time in nature relaxes our brain, especially the neocortex, improving problem-solving and creativity. It also aids healing.

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Additional Details

Additional Details

Colour itself is a form of energy and anything colourful and beautiful tends to lift our spirits and make us smile. I paint my silk scarves as a form of meditation so in addition to the uplifting colours and patterns, in addition to the softness and luxuriousness of the silk, they hold a strong positive vibrational energy from the painting process.

Treat yourself, to bring more joy and energy into your life - or select one of my beautiful hand-painted silk scarves as a gift for a friend or family member. Just hold it close and feel the peace.

Our world is a reflection of the people in it and at the moment many people are feeling stressed and anxious, due to the 'cost of living' crisis, the after-effects of covid, climate change, wars and the daily drip-feed of negativity and conflict which comes to us through the news.

My silk scarves are particularly appreciated by people who are recovering from physical or mental illness or surgery - because they carry such a strong positive energy, but they are great for everyone.

Check out my Community Interest Company, Ultimate Stress Solutions. In addition to the products I create and sell as 'DurgaMata Of London' I am a Mindfulness Coach and all my work, whether silk-painting or the 'Seven Steps to Happiness' retreats, or the 'Mindfulness-Joy Silk-Painting' workshops which I offer every month, offer empowering strategies to 'make a difference' reducing stress, building resilience and making the world just a little bit happier and more peaceful.

When you buy one of my silk scarves you will be adding joy to your own life and helping me achieve my lofty goals. Thank you for your interest in my work.

About Seller

About DurgaMata of London

An accredited Mindfulness Coach, Author, Artist and Musician, all my work is about raising consciousness - increasing peace and happiness. I paint my silk scarves as a form of meditation so they are powerful as well as beautiful. People who 'feel' energy recognise that they hold a high consciousness. Just hold them close and feel the peace. Everything is energy, and what we touch, look at and wear, affects our energy, affects our happiness. My products help to improve the quality of your day.

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