Itchin' To Be Stitchin' Needle Minder

Are you a sewer, embroiderer or cross stitcher? Then you need to get your hands on an Itchin' To Be Stitchin' Needle Minder! This must-have accessory eliminates any need to place needles in clothing or furniture. Plus, it's great for keeping patterns and scissors handy when working. Never again will you have to worry about forgetting where you left your needle - this minder keeps it exactly where it needs to be!

Additional Details

Additional Details

The Needle Minder is an incredibly simple but incredibly useful device. All you have to do is place it on the front of your project with the separate magnet at the back of your work. Inside the minder, there's an embedded magnet that will attract your needle or scissors when they're not in use - making them easy to find and safe from getting lost. You can also use it as a way to keep a pattern against your work - just insert the pattern into the gap between minder and fabric!

Each Needle Minder is crafted with precision and care, measuring at around 38mm. To create one, a design is printed onto high quality paper that is then coupled with a metal disc. A piece of mylar serves to protect the image from wear and tear, while a magnet is added on to its reverse side. Once everything is in place, the professional press is used to attach the plastic back and secure it all together.

You have 13 different colour options to choose from for your needle minder. Simply make your selection in the drop down menu and the item will be crafted to your liking!

Every Itchin' To Be Stitchin' needle minder is presented on a kraft card and carefully sealed in its own cellophane bag.

Please note:

• Keep out of reach of children, could be a choking hazard.

• Made using rare earth magnets, it is imperative to keep your needle minder away from electronic devices and pacemakers.

• I do my utmost to ensure that the colours I display in my photographs are displayed correctly; however, it is extremely difficult to depict them accurately. Despite this, I take every precaution to make sure that they are as close to reality as possible.

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About Dreambrdry

I love what I do, making people smile is very important to me. Every item is made to order, so you can be assured that your item is made with you in mind, rather than a mass produced item that is made by someone that has made umpteen others of the same thing that day. I purchase the best materials I can for all items as I feel that the only way to achieve 100% satisfaction with each item is to put into it what into it what I would expect if I was purchasing it. 

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