Photographic Art Print 'Hesitation'

This Photographic Art Print 'Hesitation' is an individually made Giclée print depicting a racing horse standing in shallow waves lapping on a wide beach. PLEASE NOTE: this listing is for the print only. The frames and furnishings shown here are not included, but they are shown to scale!

Estimated Dispatch 06 August 2021
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Additional Details

Additional Details

We were on holiday in France; the weather had been hot and sunny every day. Except today. There was nothing to be seen. Literally. A dense sea mist blanketed the coast for miles, but we decided to go for a walk along the cliff top path anyway. Was it worth taking the camera? probably not, but you never know. After about half an hour of walking and seeing nothing, the mist suddenly disappeared and revealed a shallow crescent of a beach, some way beneath us. The tide was on the turn leading to a series of gentle waves lapping like lacework up the beach. After a few minutes, a horse pulling a racing gig trots into view. The horse stops, seeming to contemplate the scene before him. A beautifully graphic view, this image has no colour to be seen anywhere, just the shapes.

The impact of this Photographic Art Print 'Hesitation' is emphasised by my printing the image on a textured archival 315gsm paper from Hahnemuhle, using archival Canon inks. The combination creates an artwork which will literally last a lifetime - or more if it's treated with care.

PRINT SIZE: paper size - 483 x 329 mm; image size - 435 x 309 mm.

The print size allows it to be mounted behind an A3 aperture mount in a 50x40cm frame or surface mounted in a larger one. The choice is yours, but a very affordable starting point would be the Ribba or Lomviken frames from IKEA.

This image is one of a series of three, taken within a few minutes of each other. For the others in the series, see the thumbnails below.


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Hello! We are a husband and wife team at 2minty studio.

Mostly it all started when we moved house and had a real studio, on site, with plenty of space. It was amazing and very quickly we both wanted to act on creative ideas which had been bubbling in the background for a while.

Girts, a retired architectural photographer, has always been intrigued by hand-built ceramics, the possibilities with shape, texture, glaze and decoration just really engage him. So a new kiln came to the studio and all sorts of things began to disappear from the house, empty bottles to use as moulds, kitchen scales, and lengths of material to create textured clay all found their way there. He shapes the clay by hand rather than using a potters wheel.

When the kiln is opened after a firing and the waiting for it to cool down is over, the lid is lifted with great excitement. Will it be triumph or tragedy? Thankfully, usually the former.

My paper weaving started some years ago when I was doing test prints of abstract photos I had taken for book publishers to use on their covers. The fine art paper was so lovely and velvety I couldn't throw them away. Later I came back to them and cut one into strips, and the rest just followed naturally.

I love how the colours and textures interact when woven, it's quite a slow progress but I love to watch it take shape. It's exacting and methodical work but I find it relaxing. I have quite a paper stash, lots of old maps which I love, old books and shop catalogues. Always the paper is acid free and matt.

Recently I've really enjoyed making something that is three dimensional and the cotton rope bowls have become addictive. So many ways to decorate, and an infinite number of possible shapes, all so useful. In our house, every prototype bowl gets filled very quickly!


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